Sunday, June 04, 2006

Various Births - June 4

As today is my birthday, I'm going to do this one a bit differently. Here is my fun (to me) list of notable people born on the same day as myself.

Socrates, Greek philosopher, born June 4, 470 BCE
King George III of England, born June 4, 1738
Constant Prevost, French geologist, born June 4, 1787
Bill Parks, American baseball player, born June 4, 1849
Miina Sillanpaa, Finnish Minister, born June 4, 1866
Dr. Ruth Westheimer, German-American sex therapist, born June 4, 1928
Michelle Phillips, American singer, born June 4, 1944
Keith David, American actor, born June 4, 1956
Cecilia Bartoli, Italian opera singer, Born June 4, 1966
Emmanuel Eboue, Ivory Coast-born soccer player, born June 4, 1983

I know it's not a big post, but I preferred to look at many positive things today instead of featuring Tiananmen Square or any other single depressing/negative event.

Of course, as I type this, I'm watching people get eaten by a shark...

"You're gonna need a bigger boat."

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