Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Inspiration Request

Anyone reading this blog most likely already has an interest in history. Therefore, you probably have one event, place or person in your "favorite moments in time" mental file - maybe more than one if you're as demented as I am.

To paraphrase:
"Give me your tired, your strange,
your muddled moments yearning to be recalled,
The wretched refuse of your twisted minds.
Send these, the timeles, tempus-tost to me,
I lift my fingers to the black keyboard."

Okay, Emma Lazarus I ain't, but it's not bad for about five minutes of work.

Tomorrow, we play chess...


Peter Matthes said...

Give us the goods on the twin princes killed in The Tower of London.

Shadowspun said...

I've read something about it before. Something about King John killing his brother's kids (not Richard, the other brother) who would have inherited before him. I'll see if I can find info about it.