Saturday, April 15, 2006

Star Trek - April 15, 1992

On April 15, 1992, the cast of the original Star trek was inducted into the National Association of Broadcasters Television Hall of Fame. Quoting from their website: "The NAB Television Hall of Fame recognizes individuals or programs who have made significant contributions to broadcasting and to the American public."

(This is certainly true about Star Trek.)

The show premiered in 1966, the brainchild of Gene Roddenberry. He envisioned a "wagon train to the stars", where the future was a time in which humanity (and other species) could actually live in (mostly) peace and cooperation. Social ills were dealt with on the show, sometimes subtly, sometimes not. The uproar over the first interracial kiss ever broadcast was probably slightly muted because of Star Trek's very nature as a science fiction show, where the people terrified of such progress could actually step back and say, "This is set four hundred years from now and it's fiction. It'll never really happen. Phew!" It still stirred up a hornets' nest though.

Star Trek was almost cancelled in 1968, but was saved by a letter campaign. At the end of the third season, though, it was cancelled. The show remained in the hearts and minds of its beloved fans. Whoopi Goldberg was inspired by Nichelle Nichols, the first black woman to ever have a role of intelligence and leadership on television, to become an actress. Incidentally, Whoopi was given a chance to live out her Star Trek dreams by acting on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The cell phone was partly prompted by Star Trek's handheld communicators. Many of the scientists that eventually entered NASA's ranks believed in the space-travel possibilities presented by the show and wanted to bring them to fruition. The show and its spin-offs are still inspiring young and old, scientists and artists, geniuses and people like me.

National Association of Broadcasters Television Hall of Fame
Star Trek

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